the answers to all your substitution questions! 

If you've ever glanced over a tasty-sounding gluten free recipe, only to feel defeated by all the things you or a loved one can't have in the ingredients list, this guide is for you!

Which flour to use when you need to substitute 
Egg alternatives for different types of baked goods - and how to use them 
How to rid your recipes of gums!
up close shot of xanthan gum in a spoon

Easy to reference guide on what substitutes work the best in all your gluten free baking!

Being gluten free is one thing, but then what if you can't have eggs or dairy or your stomach does flip flops with xanthan gum? So many delicious recipes out there use all or most of the above in the ingredients list, but this eBook offers tried and true alternatives for each essential component of gluten free baking

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wondering what's all included? Here's a sample...


Included is a handy flour chart that breaks down which flours are even swaps and which aren't. (There's even a pdf version so it's easy to print and keep handy!)


What to use and how to use it depending on what you're baking


Skip the xanthan and guar gum and use these convenient alternatives!


Brand list of what to use as a substitute for every type of dairy ingredient

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