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Whether you are new to baking gluten free or a are a seasoned baker, Zest For Baking has the info you need to navigate baking gluten free easily and with the least amount of confusion possible.

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I'm Christine - a gluten free baker from Texas and author of the blog Zest For Baking. This blog is filled with tried and true recipes, helpful baking tips and even some reviews of products. Although we primarily focus on gluten free baking recipes and tips, we'll occasionally throw in a review or a product that is too amazing not to share. So we do have a wide variety of information. Are you ready to take a tour of the most requested information?!

1. Resources Not to Miss:

Gluten free flour mix

Check out the Zest for Baking flour mix, which is a great mix to have on hand for quickly making these biscuits and these breadsticks, plus we use it A LOT. It's a wonderful, economical mix to have on hand. 

Making substitutions

Xanthan gum is prevalent in GF foods, but what if you want to avoid it and use something else instead?

And then there's also this list of alternatives to xanthan gum to check out.

Where to buy the ingredients when substituting for xanthan gum and guar gum.

Find out how to substitute potato starch and potato flour 

New to GF?

Gluten free terms and ingredients can be confusing. Start with these 50 terms for GF baking.

Then check out this easy recipe for banana muffins that turn out delicious every time!

When yeast bead is calling your name, check out this white bread that has no dairy or xanthan gum either!

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2. Substitution help is here!

This substitution guide is for flours, dairy, eggs and gums in gluten free recipes 

Need to figure out what's best to use for an egg in a cookie recipe? I've got it! All the substitution help you need, in one PDF guide. 

(I'm also including two BONUSES - a chart that you can easily print out for quick reference for substituting gluten free flours in recipes and my 15 Mouthwatering Gluten Free Rolls recipe book!)

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Sweet and savory bread pictures - yum!

4. Check out my recipes!

Enjoy sweet breads and cakes and pillow soft, pull-apart yeast breads...

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I am beyond excited that you're here, checking out everything Zest For Baking has to offer. I really am. If you want to up your gluten-free baking game, consider joining the Gluten Free Baking Club membership. Get all the help you need and stop wasting ingredients on baking flops! 

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